5 Quick Cleaning Tips for Your Valentine’s Day Date

January 24, 2019


5 Quick Cleaning Tips for Your Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and you’re trying to make a great impression on your new love interest. This isn’t just any old date. It’s a day that comes with a great deal of pressure to show how much you care.

It’s customary to get flowers, candy and maybe even a gift for your date. Your honey will look at what you wear, what you bring and how much time you dedicate for clues as to how invested you are in this relationship. Get it right and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up married one day. Get it wrong, and this may be your last date.

Popular dating locations on Valentine’s Day

You’ve taken care of everything else, but where will you take your date on this ever-important day?

Take a deep breath because we’ve got some ideas. In this post, we’ll cover some of the most popular destinations for Valentine’s Day dates along with cleaning tips to keep your home looking fresh …just in case your date wants to come in for a nightcap.

Some people are great at coming up with creative date ideas. It’s like they’ve got a list of dating locations at-the-ready at all times. These are the same people who show up with cute and thoughtful gifts for every occasion, and we’re only a little jealous. But if you’re like the rest of us, you might need a little help. The following are some creative dating location ideas to help jumpstart your creativity. Feel free to use any of the ideas below, or just use them to get you thinking about other locations that might mean something to your partner.

Popular dating locations on Valentine’s Day
  • Best local sunrise spot – If you’re an active couple, hike to the summit of an area mountain (or hill if there aren’t any mountains available), and have a picnic as you watch the sunset. This is an inexpensive and romantic way to spend the evening that you’ll both remember for a long time, especially if it’s a clear evening.
  • Pottery class – If you’ve seen the movie Ghost, you know how romantic pottery making can be. And while you may not exactly want to reenact that scene in your local pottery crafting shop, it’s still a very sweet concept. To reinforce the idea further, rent the movie and watch it together before or after the class.
  • Couples massages – You’ve probably never met someone who would say no to a spa date, because we’re not sure that person exists. A couple’s massage is like a combination of a gift and an amazing way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to book well in advance because this is a busy day for most day spas.
  • Comedy club – The couple that laughs together stays together. Oh, is that not a real saying? Well, it should be. There’s really nothing better than a good belly laugh, so make plans to head to your local comedy club on Valentine’s Day. Just one word of caution: If you haven’t been dating long, avoid controversial comedians or those that go for shock value. A little research upfront could save you some awkward moments that you’d rather avoid.
  • Ice skating or roller skating – There’s something inherently romantic about gliding along together on ice or dry land. Maybe it’s because of the movies, or maybe it’s all the hand holding, but these activities are sure to leave your Valentine’s Day date with all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings.
  • Chocolate tasting – If you have a real chocolatier in your area, see if you can sign up for a legit chocolate tasting. Here, you can taste handmade truffles and learn about the craft behind making chocolate. It’s definitely a step above those heart-shaped boxes of drug-store chocolate.

Spending Valentine’s Day at home

There’s nothing wrong with staying home for Valentine’s Day if that suits you as a couple. Many couples with kids do this every year. They just have to find creative ways to make it feel special. And this can be quite a feat when you live together. Start by setting the backdrop. Naturally, you’ll need to make sure the home is spotless first (we’ll cover that in greater detail next).

Once your home is clean, it’s time to decorate. Flower arrangements, rose petals, balloons and string lights can all be instrumental in setting the mood. Your goal with these decorations is to make your home feel like an entirely different space. Then, you can set the mood with music, share a special dinner and enjoy the evening.

Spending Valentine’s Day at home

5 quick cleaning tips you can use in daily life

As much as we’d like to spend an entire year planning and preparing for Valentine’s Day, most of us don’t have that kind of time. So regardless of how much time you’ll be spending at home during Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to get the place cleaned up fast.

Here are a few tips you can use for a quick clean on valentine’s day (and in your daily life):

  1. Set it and forget it – Use automated tools like a robotic vacuum and self-cleaning shower foam to do some of the work while you handle other things. Your robotic vacuum can be cleaning the floors and your foaming shower cleaner can be fighting soap scum while you’re hanging your clothes or doing the dishes. Your goal with this quick clean is to get your home presentable in the shortest possible time. This way, you can start handling more important things, like ordering flowers for your date or making a dinner reservation. Tools like the robotic vacuum make multitasking a breeze.
  2. Prioritize – When someone comes into your home for the first time, what do you think they’ll notice? These are the things you should attack first. Do a quick run around your rooms and pick up anything that’s obviously out of place. Your date’s eye will go to these things first, and anything out of place will make your home seem dirtier than it really is. Next, hit the kitchen and the bathrooms. These are areas that make people cringe when they’re dirty, so you’ll want to spend the bulk of your time getting rid of any grime here. Whatever time you have left can be spent on anything else.
  3. Make your bed – Plan to spend at least 6 minutes tidying up your bedroom, and don’t forget to make the bed. The bed is the largest piece of furniture in your room, and it’s the first place anyone looks. If it’s filled with piles of blankets (or worse: laundry), your room will instantly look like a disaster. Even if it means you have to leave some clothes piled on a chair, make time to make your bed.
  4. Let in some light – If you’re spending the day at home with your honey, open the blinds and let in some natural light. Unless you have a problem with dust particles, this can help any room appear more airy and clean. If you do have a problem with dust particles, you should be dusting and vacuuming more frequently. Try running your robotic vacuum daily in the weeks leading up to your date. And regardless of the time of day, make sure your home smells fresh. If you’re unsure about this, candles are always a good idea.
  5. Clear all surfaces – If you want your home to always have that freshly-cleaned look, try to keep stuff off your countertops and other surfaces. Décor is nice, but if you have too much of it, it can detract from the room’s clean lines. Also, some of us are guilty of storing things on top of dressers and end tables, but this can make the place look messy. This is the type of mess we don’t even see for ourselves because we’re so used to it, but other people notice the clutter. Try to find new homes for anything you’re storing in plain sight. It will give your home a much cleaner look.


There may be a lot of pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day, but let’s remember that this is supposed to be fun. All this preparation is for a good reason. It’s one day out of the year where we stop everything else and show our loved ones just how much we care.

And as with anything else, all the little things add up to something big. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to more than just gifts and dating location. You’ll want to plan every detail of this day, so it becomes one you remember for years to come (and for all the right reasons).

You never know where the night might take you, and so it’s always a good idea to prepare your home for guests on Valentine’s Day… or any other day for that matter. Employ the 5 quick cleaning tips mentioned here on a regular basis and your home will always be a date-worthy place.