RoboVac 11S: Great value in keeping wooden floors free from cat hair

January 30, 2019


RoboVac 11S: Great value in keeping wooden floors free from cat hair

Me and my wife live in a 2 bed flat together with two cats that constantly shed and in addition to cat hair, it doesn’t take more than a few days for dirt and dust to become a problem that needs fixing. In order to keep the flat clean we would need to hoover 2-3 times a week, which becomes extremely tedious after a while.

After browsing for robot vacuums for a couple of weeks, looking at Amazon, youtube reviews and top lists we finally decided to go for the RoboVac by eufy. One of the problems I found with the reviews out there is that few took user needs into consideration. Our needs were simple: Clean a two bed flat with no carpets, only wooden floors, in one go. We didn’t care about wifi support, AI cleaning pattern, virtual boundaries or any of the other innovations offered. Of course the AI was important to make sure the robot could cover all areas, corners and get around, and under, furniture and since we have stairs it had to understand when to stop in order not to fall down…

The ultimate problem was the price. The top of the line models from iRobot Roomba and Neato BotVac at £500-£800 of course pay off quickly in comparison to get someone to clean my home for me but it still seemed a lot for our basic needs and I expected there would be a technological innovation on the market that could deliver on both quality and price.

We are super happy with this product. We use it 2-3 times a week. The only preparation needed is to pick up stuff you don’t want obstructing the vacuum and then press play. We first run it on the top of the stairs and after 45 minutes we let it run downstairs for another 45 minutes. That does the job. After each complete round we empty the dust container and do some minor cleaning of the filters and then put it back in the charger. It does have the capability of returning itself to the base station but again, I don’t really care about that. The remote that comes with is quite useful when it comes to manually controlling it.

At £200 we couldn’t be more satisfied.

Published on, 23 August 2018