Lovers’ Quarrel? Tech to the Rescue!

January 30, 2019


Lovers’ Quarrel? Tech to the Rescue!

In today’s technology-driven world, our smartphones and tablets are often seen as a leading reason behind lover’s quarrels. I’ve been to several restaurants where couples are together yet apart, ignoring one another while each is busily focused on their cell phones. It’s fair to argue that our daily lives have become so hectic due to our rampant use and constant availability of high-tech devices, that more and more couples to spend very little time communicating and bonding.  This can lead to relationship trouble.

Admittedly, technology is here to stay. So, how can couples switch on to technology yet still stay switched on to each other? Are there ways to avoid some of the activities which spark lover’s quarrels? It’s possible that smart devices can help by giving couples a few less reasons to argue. There may actually be many benefits to staying connected, when it comes to your smart devices. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why couples fight, to learn how smart devices can help couples to avoid conflicts.

“It’s your turn to vacuum”

One piece of smart tech which can take the hassle and fights out of household chores is the robotic vacuum. Let’s face it – after a long day commuting to and from work, sitting in meetings and staring at computer screens, who really wants to push a vacuum?  Whose turn is it anyway? Couples can easily avoid this quarrel by getting a robotic vacuum. These small yet powerful smart devices are awesome at keeping spills, dust, dirt and pet hair under control. They move easily from hardwood, tile and laminate surfaces to low pile carpets and area rugs. Most of today’s robotic vacuums have decently long run times – up to 1 ½ hours before needing to charge, under normal conditions. Best of all, they are designed to works easily with popular smart home systems and smartphone apps. With the latest technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, couples can set their robotic vacuum to run on a specific schedule, or to clean up “right now” messes. It’s fun and easy to direct the vacuum manually – like a remote-control toy, by using the handy remote to direct it where to go. Let the robot do its cleaning while everyone’s away or even asleep. Robotic vacuums are even quiet enough to run in the same room where you’re watching television or talking on the phone.

Robotic vacuums are even quiet enough to run in the same room where you’re watching television or talking on the phone.

Robotic vacuums are better at following orders than your partner.  You can tell it exactly where to vacuum and when to start or stop. You can even monitor its progress while you’re away from home, through an app or your smart home assistant. The vacuum effortlessly navigates around and under furniture, chair legs and tight spaces. Plus, the most feature advanced sensors which helps them to clean only in the areas you program. Once the dirt receptacle is full or whenever the unit needs a recharge, it will find its way back to the home base charger. Once charged or emptied, these smart little robots can resume a recent cleaning pattern or wait for the next scheduled run time, based on your instructions. Small but mighty, robot vacuums are incredibly tough, efficient and easy to use.  Now, couples have one less reason to fight about household chores.

“Who’s making dinner?”

The kitchen is the heart of the smart home, with modern refrigerators, microwave ovens and even blenders jumping into the smart device ring. Tired, working couples can skip some of the stress of making nutritious, quick, easy meals – and add fun to their time together – with a Bluetooth enabled smart blender. A smart blender and it’s accompanying app on your smartphone or tablet can give couples a chance to get creative in the kitchen. Who can argue while whipping up delicious smoothies or downing a tasty milkshake?

A smart blender and it’s accompanying app on your smartphone or tablet can give couples a chance to get creative in the kitchen.

Today’s smart blenders have precision stainless steel blades meant to quickly crush ice and reduce fruits and veggies to a smooth texture. It’s also easy to use the included app or your home’s voice assistant to find smoothie recipes, track nutritional information and even update your grocery list via your smartphone or tablet. There are also recipes for creamy soups, gourmet sauces for the home chef and tasty frozen cocktails for guests. Even kitchen novices can quickly become great smoothie makers with the help or smart blenders. Couples can raise a glass of yummy smoothie to one less thing to quarrel about.

“You’ve left the light/iron/coffee on again”

Couples can escape the nightly race to be first into bed, with the loser left to turn out lights and stumble blindly in the dark. Or perhaps you’re the night owl or early riser? You can avoid waking your partner by turning on that bright, annoying light. Smart bulbs work in sync with your voice assistant and apps on your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to turn your lights on and off, change the color temperature of your smart bulb and dim that bedroom light, using just your voice with a quiet tap on your phone.

 It’s easy to turn your lights on and off, change the color temperature of your smart bulb and dim that bedroom light, using just your voice with a quiet tap on your phone.

With smart bulbs, you can create the ideal ambience for your activities. Dim the lights while watching movies, raise them for crafts or reading. Do you hate coming home to a dark house? Turn lights off throughout your home at bedtime or turn them on remotely, even when you’re away. Smart bulbs help save energy as well. Most bulbs produce the equivalent light of a 60-watt incandescent bulb with only 9 watts of power. They also years longer than regular incandescent bulbs. This means less quarrels over who gets to change the light bulb.

Did someone forget to turn off the coffee-maker again? With the smart plugs, couples no longer need to scold each other about leaving appliances and electronics running. Smart plugs are a great addition to your kitchen, living room and anywhere else that smart outlets may come in handy. They’re simple to use – just put the smart plug into a wall outlet, plug in a device and you’re good to go. With the smartphone or tablet app and the smart home assistant, you can control any devices plugged into the smart plug, remotely or with voice commands. Turn lights on or off around your home, start or stop appliances and control your entertainment center without having to lift a finger.  

In case you haven’t guessed, a voice controlled smart speaker is the doorway to your smart devices. The speakers have a built-in voice assistant which responds to your voice commands. Each person can play music from their playlists, run smart home devices, shop, make and accept hands-free calls and get answers to their questions. The smart speaker can also set calendar reminders, give sports, weather and news updates, and access helpful skills, all while delivering a clear, robust sound for music, calls and responses to your questions.

“Do I look fat?”

Couples can avoid quarrelling over the answer to this loaded question entirely, by monitoring their health and fitness goals with smart scales. A smart scale allows each person to track multiple aspects of their health, including weekly weigh-ins, Body Mass Index, body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. Smart scales feature highly sensitive and accurate sensors to ensure precise measurements. Most can pair with multiple devices and will track data for up to several users. Smart scale apps integrate with most fitness trackers, such as Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit to track your health and fitness data, historical trends and progress toward your weight goals.  They work effortlessly with your smartphone or tablet to keep you up-to-date with accurate health and wellness readings. These sleek, modern scales feature Bluetooth 4.0 with fast wireless data transfer, and stable tempered glass or metal surfaces.


Couples may often feel guilty for spending more time with technology than with each other. We can agree that nothing beats one-on-one time with someone you love.  Despite the pull of emails, online videos and social media, lovers should look up once in a while and appreciate each other. However, instead of shunning technology entirely, couples can still find ways to make technology work as a positive part of their relationships, through smart devices. The next time a quarrel begins about who-does-what around the house, take this advice: turn on your smartphones, gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and think about how smart devices can help you to fight less and love more.