RoboVac 30C: 3 Weeks in and we are very impressed

February 1, 2019


RoboVac 30C: 3 Weeks in and we are very impressed

Setting up RoboVac was a REALLY simple process and it was connected to both my Wi-Fi and Alexa and was up and running in less than 4 minutes. It could not be easier.


By the time RoboVac had arrived the Dyson hadn’t been working for a week and the carpets and floors needed cleaning urgently. The carpets upstairs were fairly new and RoboVac picked up lots of new fluff (as is the way with new carpets). Rooms absolutely have to be RoboVac proof and cables need to cleared away. To be honest this is a good excuse to tidy things away anyway. This has meant the children have started to clear toys and Lego away off the floor in case ‘Bob’ eats them.

We have a couple of large log fires in the house and the dust RoboVac picked up on each run was still surprising. RoboVac needs emptying after each 90 min run but this takes seconds.

Be aware that even when we thought we had Bob- proofed he found spaces we hadn’t thought of and got stuck. This was just a case of putting the magnetic strips down and he didn’t venture there. But a note of warning of the strips. They come with sticky backs you can add which isn’t really practical on a carpet. The first time I put a strip in front of the large inglenook fireplace as the hearth hadn’t been cleaned and had ash on that had fallen from the log fire. I didn’t weight the strips down at either end and RoboVac hit the strip at a bit of speed and pushed it back and went onto the hearth spreading ash and spot onto the carpet. I didn’t catch him in time and only saw what happened later on the camera. If I had weighted the strip down at either end this wouldn’t have happened.

Returning to base

RoboVac will return to base after each run when he realises he is running short of charge. This depends which setting is on – the higher the setting for suction, the shorter the battery life for that run. On the lowest setting we found he made a very good job of cleaning both hard floors and carpets.


Okay so this is where we are being generous in still giving RoboVac five stars overall even though we had a problem. After less than three weeks RoboVac began to make a dreadful rattling/vibrating sound. We couldn’t work out why. Nothing was trapped, the brush and wheels were checked. eufy were brilliant and sent a replacement the next day. I am putting this down to a one off and I will update if there are any issues with the new RoboVac.

Cleaning pattern

Whilst I like the idea that the Roomba 980 maps the floor, RoboVac cleans in a random pattern. I was concerned about this initially, but this was unfounded. He seems to clean the whole floor using this technique and this causes no issues. You can use the remote control to focus on a particular area or change settings (aswell as the app).

eufy RoboVac 30C

Scheduling via the App

The first time I set him to clean when we weren’t at home was absolutely fine. I felt the need to check on the Nestcam to see if he was working, and got a little carried away checking him for the next hour!

Now he is set to work downstairs as night when we sleep and he is very quiet and causes no issues.


We are very impressed with RoboVac and we will buy another for upstairs. It is shamed Bob I failed but Bob II is ok so far. We are less than three weeks in and in home full of smart tech we think he is one of the most useful pieces of smart tech we have ever bought. I would still like to compare this to a Roomba 980 but at that price level this may have to wait. I will maybe do a review of this on my blog soon.

Mr R Hall
Published on, 29 December 2018