RoboVac 30C: Great little helper!

February 1, 2019


RoboVac 30C: Great little helper!

There aren’t many reviews of this item yet, so I read all the reviews for this one plus the reviews for the 11s to get an idea of the pros and cons. I compared it to the low end iRobot products and read the reviews on those too before settling on this product. It arrived today, I charged it and whilst I was waiting I had quick pickup, made sure it wasn’t going to run into any cables and things. I setup the WiFi for it, mildly irritating that it doesn’t work on the 5Ghz band and sent it off to clean using the app.

It was mildly amusing watching it dart around in random directions, sometimes it detected objects and avoided them, other times it bumps into them (gently) and moved around the object. Sometimes it engaged in a bit of edge cleaning. I had understood before I purchased the machine that it was not going to attempt to map any rooms, so I was not expecting it to do so, but it is still a little irritating to watch it clean in a direction and then dart off in a different direction leaving a patch half finished. It does eventually get back to it though, it’s just not an efficient way to get the job done. That being said, I accept that because I didn’t pay £800 plus for a machine with mapping technology included.

Battery life

100 Min Runtime

It has enough to do my living room (medium pile carpet with rugs) and kitchen (hardwood floor) of my 3 bedroom house before it goes looking for it’s charging point, which is enough for me. So far, it hasn’t gotten lost and it hasn’t gotten stuck anywhere.

Getting over rugs

It seems to handle our rugs well, sometimes it catches the rug and lifts it slightly as it mounts it, but no problems so far. We don’t have any long hair rugs, so can’t comment on that.

Getting over rugs

Parts. The battery and brushes are all replaceable and don’t seem to be unreasonably priced. I can’t comment on the frequency that they’ll need replacing, but the manual does indicate about 6 months for some of the brushes. Nothing overly concerning there.

I think that it’s important to remember that it does not have the worlds most advanced artificial intelligence, it can’t lift up the rugs to hoover under them or move the chairs around or avoid cables and shoe laces, but it does a great job of hoovering. It picks up a surprising amount of dust and debris and seems to do well with hair too.

Overall I’m impressed – they’re great machines, I chose this one over the 11s for two reasons; it’s slightly more powerful and it has some sensors to help it avoid bumping into things, it’s not perfect at this but when it does bump into something, it’s very gentle. So why didn’t I buy an iRobot product? The capabilities of this product are similar to low end iRobot products, but in my opinion this represents better value for money and it’s a good quality product.

If you’re looking for something to help with the hoovering and can’t afford the robots with room mapping technology I.e robots that learn the layout of your home overtime, then this robot is for you. Just remember to be realistic about exactly what it will do for you and you won’t be disappointed.

Phil Jackson
Published on, 2 January 2019